Allen Parish Newsletter 22nd March 2020

Sunday 22nd March
Fourth Sunday of Lent

We might not be able to go to Mass this Sunday because we all need to stay home to keep each other safe and well, but we can still make time for God at home. You might like to take out the Family Bible, light a candle, take a moment to be quiet and ask God’s blessing on each member of your family before you begin.


We remember in our prayers all those whose anniversaries occur at this time:-

- Paddy O’Brien, Slip View, Robertstown (1st Anniversary)
- Mary Connolly
- Elizabeth Bagnall, St. Brigids Terrace, Robertstown and deceased members of the Bagnall family.
- Michael and Ann Tierney, Shee Bridge, Allenwood
- Chris Musgrave, Coolagh
- Owen (Skinny) Coyne, Allenwood North
- William Coyne and his sister Margaret (Polly)
- James and Mary Treacy, Lanesborough and their sons-in-law Bob Williams & Brian Morris, London also Michael and Annie Gilligan, Ballyteauge and their son Seamus.


A Coronavirus Prayer
Loving and healing God, we, the people of Kildare & Leighlin turn to you in prayer,
confident that you are with us and with all people in every moment.
We stand before you as people of hope, trusting in your care and protection.
May your faithful love support us and soothe the anxiety of our hearts.
Generous God,
fill us with compassion and concern for others,
young and old, that we may look after one another in these challenging days.
Bring healing to those who are sick with the virus and be with their families.
May those who have died rest in your eternal embrace.
Comfort their family and friends.
Strengthen and protect all medical professionals caring for the sick
and all who work in our medical facilities.
Give wisdom to leaders in healthcare and governance
that they may make the right decisions for the well-being of people.
We pray in gratitude for all those in our country who will continue to work in the days ahead
in so many fields of life for the sake of us all. B
less them and keep them safe.
O God of creation and life,
we place ourselves in your protection.
May the mantle of your peace enfold us this day and tomorrow.
St Brigid, pray for us.
St Conleth, pray for us.
St Lazerian, pray for us.
May all the saints of God, pray for us.


Mothers Day
Mary, our Mother, the Lord is with you
Guide us, protect us, in all that we do.

• Write down ten things that you know and love about your mum or the person who cares for you at home.
• Ask your mum or the person who cares for you at home to make a list of five things that you could do to make her life easier. Then promise to do these things for her. Write them down on a promise page, decorate the page and give it to her with your card
• Write a poem
• Make a card
• Draw a picture
• Write a story and make her the hero
• Make a collage of all the ways you love your mum
• Give her some quiet time
• Pick some wildflowers for her
• Help to make her favourite breakfast
• Let her watch her favourite tv programme without interruption
• Invite her to go for a walk with you
• Tell her that you love her
• Take a picture of you and your mum together
• Help keep the house tidy today without being asked
• Write a prayer thanking God for your mum or the person who looks after you at home. Ask God to look after mothers all over the world and to keep them safe. Ask your mum to pray it with you.


Continuing our Lenten Journey:
Prayer, Fasting, Charity
Many of us are undertaking acts of prayer, fasting, and charity that we had not imagined at the beginning of Lent. Let us bring these acts into our keeping of Lent and continue our journey to the enduring message of hope that is at the heart of our Easter faith. The complete set of ‘Digging Deeper, Living Lent’ resources have now been uploaded to, including the popular weekly Lenten Scripture Reflections and a weekly bulletin exploring Lent and its many aspects including the sacrament of baptism. Stations of the Cross and other prayer resources are also available in the ‘Digging Deeper, Living Lent’ suite of resources.