Allen Parish Newsletter 4th April 2020


4th APRIL, 2020 -- Passion (Palm) Sunday

Daily Mass from Rathangan at 10am each morning is available on Rathangan Parish Office facebook page and on the iCatholic youtube page


We remember in our prayers all those whose anniversaries occur at this time:-

Rosaline Herbert (1st Anniversary)
Bill Dunne, Grangeclare (2nd Anniversary)
Thomas Hynan, formerly Allenwood (Birthday Remembrance)
Bill Field, Milltown

We also remember in our prayers those who have recently died
Tom Hughes, Robertstown
John Michael (Seanie) Kavanagh, Anne St., Prosperous and formerly Kilmeague




There has been concern around the celebration of funerals and what might happen Holy Week. I offer the following guidelines:
Funeral Masses: The most recent advice from the government suggests once there is a clear limit of ten people attending the Mass and ‘social distancing’ norms adhered to, funeral Masses (without Holy Communion) may continue. Individual churches may also put in place restrictions which respond to specific parish circumstances. The limit of ten people applies also at cemeteries and ‘social distancing’ must once again be observed. We are as much at risk in a cemetery as we are in a church. Further guidance from the HSE is being developed.
Covering Duty these more restrictive days: 36 of our parish priests and curates are currently cocooned, 22 are retired and also cocooned. Special thanks are due to the 47 priests under 70 who are shouldering the ministry of our 56 parishes at this time. It is greatly appreciated. Please don’t place huge expectations on these men, as they too must look after their health these days. Thanks also to the Vicars and Consultors for checking in on those who are cocooned.
Webcam Celebrations: I very much encourage the use of webcam, Facebook, local radio and any other device that brings your message into parishioners’ homes. As mentioned already do not restrict the webcam or parish radio just to Mass, offer other liturgies and reflections as you see appropriate, such as greetings of support, encouragement and continued connection with your parishioners.
Adoration Time: As Churches are now closed, committed adorers and others might be encouraged to go to a quiet space or room in their home, and if possible with the aid of Webcam, spend their usual time in reflection and prayer to the Lord.  We hardly need to be reminded of the great need for prayer at this critical time. Others may well do likewise.
Chrism Mass: The Chrism Mass will take place, under very restrictive conditions next Monday in the Cathedral. An online resource for priests and people will be sent out shortly. iCatholic will broadcast the ceremony streamed onto the KANDLE website, so that a greater number across the diocese can join us.
In conclusion: I thank you for the enormous cooperation ensuring these regular updates are fully adhered to. While these restrictive measures are in force until Easter Sunday, it would be foolish to think that the current situation will not continue for a while yet. I am certain this prolonged period will bring mental and spiritual stress to many, including priests. As always I encourage and thank you for looking after each other and your parishioners to the best of your ability in these difficult days. While our church buildings may be closed, the church continues in a very different way than we might ever have imagined. Let us continue to serve the Lord with gladness as best we can.

Every blessing & thanks,

+Denis (Wednesday 01 April 2020)


- All Confirmation ceremonies are cancelled until further notice.
- First Confessions cancelled until further notice.
- Do This in Memory First Communion preparation programme cancelled until further notice.
- All Baptisms are cancelled until further notice.


COVID-19 Support Line for Older People
ALONE has launched a national support line and additional supports for older people who have concerns or are facing difficulties relating to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Professional staff are available to answer queries and give advice and reassurance where necessary. The support line is open Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm, by calling 0818 222 024. Hours may be extended to meet the demand.

Third Age Ireland
Third Age Ireland is a national organisation who take care of the elderly. SeniorLine is one of their programmes and could be very helpful to you at this time. SeniorLine has been the national, confidential listening service for older people, run by trained older volunteers since 1998. This peer-to-peer helpline for older people receives in excess of 10,000 calls per year. If you are feeling worried, stressed or isolated at this very unnerving time, please feel free to ring this FREEPHONE service anytime between 10am and 10pm on any day of the week on 1800 80 45 91.