Baptismal Teams

baptism_of_jesus2_275The baptismal team assists in the preparation for and celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism. Its members represent the larger community by welcoming the child to be baptised and their families on their faith journey.

A member of the baptismal team will meet the parents before the baptism takes place. They will explain the responsibility of the parents and godparents in passing on the faith to their children. They will also explain the format for the ceremony and what the symbols represent.

Baptism is celebrated every 2 weeks – refer to Parish Newsletter for details, or contact Fr Willie Byrne PP or Fr Eddie Kavanagh CC.

Requests to have a child baptised must be received no less than two weeks before the day of baptism and should be made to the Allen Parish office at: 045 860 135.

Members of the Baptismal Team include:

Fr Eddie Kavanagh CC

Allen: Antoinette Barrett & Liz Donnelly
Allenwood: Emma Cunningham
Milltown: Liz Buckley & Veronica Tiernan
Robertstown: Mary McDermott and Margaret Price